Making A FaceTime Call From Your IPhone


FaceTime is a renowned video calling app used by people to connect with whoever they want. Technology has evolved over the years and FaceTime is certainly one of the best innovations that have taken place in all this while. Out of most video calling apps present in the market, FaceTime certainly claims the top position. It is due to the easy working nature of the app along with the popularity of the same among the users.

FaceTime is here since long but back in 2010, it  was made an in-built app for iOS platforms. After that inclusion, there has been no looking back for this impeccable video calling app. The buzz around FaceTime has always increased exponentially ever since.

Before going on to the section where we tell you how to operate FaceTime on your iPhone, let us discuss some of its features. Here they are:

  1. Video calls can be made to any place in the world but the condition that both the parties have to meet is to possess an internet connection.
  2. Employing the ‘audio only’ call option in FaceTime, the user can save his data charges to a great extent.
  3. The voice calls can be switched to FaceTime calls without any hassles and it proves to be one of the best features of FaceTime.
  4. You can use two cameras in order to adjust your terminal for the video to be seen by the other user.
  5. Even a novice user can work on FaceTime in a hassle free manner, thanks to the uncomplicated user interface of the video calling app.

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How to make calls using FaceTime?

  1. Internet connection at both the ends is a must to start with. If the internet connection is decent from where the call is to be made and at the destination device where the call is made to, your purpose is solved.
  2. If the first condition is satiated, you can simply visit the Contacts tab situated at the bottom end of the iPhone.
  3. After the aforementioned step, click on the contact that needs to be called on FaceTime.

Under the contact name, there is always an option of FaceTime, so you can click over it to get started with the facetime on pc call.

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