Here’s What A 5 Panel Drug Test Is All About

If you are keen on learning about the 5 panel drug test then here’s what you need to know. This drug test is a urine test that is conducted in order to determine whether or not a person is under the influence of drugs. A 5 panel drug test manages to cover 5 major drugs that are most popular all over the world including marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, phencyclidine and cocaine. If you are under the influence of any sort of drugs and you are keen on taking up a job soon then it is very essential for you to stop using the drug at least two weeks prior to you applying for a job. This is because a five panel drug test is a highly sensitive test that manages to trace the smallest amount of drugs present in a person’s body. This test is not a blood test and this is why it is more convenient to get it done.

In order to get the 5 panel drug test conducted one does not need to have a medical supervisor on board. This test can be conducted by an employer who can follow instructions that come with the kit. There is a five panel drug test kit available which comes with all the instructions and the materials required to get the test done. The result of this test comes out immediately and one can also determine which person is under the influence of drugs.

In case you’re wondering how you should pass the five panel drug test then you need to understand that the only way you can do this is by staying away from the drugs for as long as possible. Detoxification can help you get rid of the small traces of the drug from your body, however you also need to understand that organizations are now becoming more and more strict with regards to the use of drugs because employees who are under the influence of drugs are known to be creating a lot of chaos at work. Employers refused to hire people who are under the influence of any drugs and RE even willing to fire those who have traces of such drugs in their body. This means if you plan on keeping your job you need to start thinking about a serious solution to getting rid of your drug habit and keeping it away for good. You can also seek medical assistance to help you overcome the addiction in case you cannot do it yourself.

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