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Fair Trade Organic Coffee For You

If you’re deciding to try out some organic coffee or completely switch from your regular coffee brand to an organic one then that’s a great idea. Organic coffee offer many benefits to your body as well as the environment. These products are also fair trade products, so you not only make an amazing purchase for yourself but you contribute to the mission of Fair Trade; that is to support farmers, workers and to alleviate poverty one purchase at a time. Purchasing organic Fair Trade at www.NectarofLife.net or just about any other store that offer the products could be your very own contribution to the cause.

What makes Fair Trade all that more humanitarian and better are the principles that they implement. Like their fair labour conditions that let the workers enjoy freedom of association, sustainable wages and a safe working environment; you might be shocked as to how many farmer in other parts of the world are deprived of these basic rights. Another are the fair prices and credit, the farming groups receive considerable floor prices or market prices with additions of premiums on certified organic products. You might have thought that these are enjoyed by every farmer but they’re not and you can support them by choosing Fair Trade products.

The Nectar of Life Fair Trade Coffee

The main reasons as to why Nectar of Life Gourmet Coffee only roasts the coffees that are certified Fair Trade would have a lot to do with their Master Roaster. Back in his college days, he was made aware of the unbelievably poor conditions that the majority of coffee farming regions experience. Of course there are hundreds and thousands of estate coffees found at almost any country, but those wealthy estate owner’s don’t really prioritize of take into account if there workers are paid well or were actually paid at all.

Fair Trade considerably helps those poor farming communities in more ways than one. Farmers under Fair Trade are part of a democratically operated coop. The Fair Trade would set minimum prices which are actually above the commodity market, of they grow certified organic coffees then they would earn much more than the minimum amount. Not only would they be guaranteed higher pay and profit but the money goes directly to the hands of the farming families. So when customers buy certified Fair Trade organic coffees from the mentioned company then they do their part in helping the poor farmers and their family.

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