Alfred Hitchcock’s Greatest

Many movies have made a great impact in our lives and also in the way that movies are made, and one of the greatest directors in the world of cinema, Alfred Hitchcock has definitely left his mark on us. The Master of Suspense, who passed away 36 years ago, is still remembered by every cinema fanatic in the world for his psycho thrillers and suspense that captivated us and cemented us to our seats. He has made a lot of great movies, both silent and early talkies and is also remembered as the greatest director of England. You can watch all the movies that you want online for free on 123movies and we have also made a list of movies that you will definitely love.


Vertigo has dethroned Citizen Kane as the greatest movie ever made and is now on top of the charts. Beautiful and blonde Kim Novak delivers a great performance in her double roles as Scottie prides as the ultimate fetish. This is Hitchcock’s most unorthodox movie and there are still parts that we are really confused about like when the nun tolls the bells of the church tower while Judy jumps into her doom. The director delivers a great narrative and as the story enfolds we find a deeper psychological tale of disguise and desire.


Notorious probably deserves be to on the list because Hitchcock directing a dark romantic movie is not something usual. This movie is based during World War II which is based on an intelligence officer Devlin and Alicia, who he persuades to infiltrate some Nazis in South America. The movie gets romantic as the duo fall in love and exchanges some of the longest passionate kisses on camera, but the movie then enfolds into a love triangle as Alicia’s family friend proposes to her. This movie features the actors and the director at their very best.

Now You Can Own The Largest Movie Library

Everyone enjoys watching movies and while there are a number of different ways that you can watch a movie, one of the most effective ways to do so is to watch movies online. People these days live a very hectic life and they hardly find any time for themselves. It is essential for you to continue to entertain yourself and without a good movie every now and then you do miss having a little fun. Watching movies is relaxing and it is really important for you every now and then so you can get back to work with a fresh mind. While there are a number of ways you can enjoy a good movie, watching it online seems to be one of the best methods to do so these days.

Although you can watch a movie on your television, this means having to restrict yourself to a particular time when the movie is on it and increase the number of hours that you need to spend mainly because these movies will be shared with a number of breaks in between. These breaks add to the actual time of the movie and you end up wasting a lot of your time. It is also no fun watching a movie that has a lot of interruptions in the form of advertisements. While some people choose to rent a DVD to watch a movie, this isn’t the ideal solution these days mainly because these DVDs are not in the best conditions. You are also limited to the number of movies that you can watch when it comes to a DVD rental because not all DVD rental stores have a huge collection of movies. They usually have some of the latest movies that are in demand. If you are someone who enjoys watching the old classics the DVD rental store is not a place that could help you.

Downloading movies is another option that has been popular for a while. Downloading movies take a very long time and you could end up waiting half the day for the movie to actually come on to your system. It is not even a very safe method and you will end up inviting a lot of virus and Trojan attacks in the form of unknown files. Streaming online movies comes with no such problems and is proving to be the best source of entertainment.

Movies To Watch

Movies are one of our favorite things to do when we are free and it feels great to go to the movie hall once in a while and watch some new movie that just released. Nowadays many people instead of going to the movie hall prefer watching movies at the home and we don’t mean hiring a DVD and watching it but instead downloading the movie from the web for free. You can even watch free movies online without downloading them but just streaming them. You will find all kinds of movies, movies that are centuries old too and movies from all genres online. There are some movies that released this year that you should download right now and watch.

The first movie on our list is a stoner’s movie and is called Sausage Party. This Seth Rogen product takes place in a supermarket where all the products are alive and believe that when they are bought by the customers they are taken to the great beyond. We find many romances within the product and the center of the movie being the romance between the buns and the sausages. This movie depicts how people react when they meet people of different origins and depicts certain parts of the society very well. This is an animated movie which is definitely a must watch.

The second movie on our list is The BFG. You have most probably read the book during your childhood. Written by the evergreen Roald Dahl and the movie directed by Steven Speilberg, this movie ignites all your imaginations. The giant is played very well but the main catch of the movie is Sophie who is played by Ruby Barnhill. She plays the character better than we could have imagined it and by the ends of the movie you will find yourself with a box of tissues after listening to the stories of the Big Friendly Giant.

The Jungle Book definitely deserved a spot on our list especially after the bad prequel. This movie is way better than the previous movie and the movie looks very real even though it is animated after all. Everything looks very colorful and bright and story comes very nicely to any viewer. The movie shows the rapport between Mowgli and all animal friends very well and helps bridge the gap between humans and beast very well. This movie was a master class by Jon Favreau.

Play Tracks That Will Get People In The Groove

When you plan on hosting a party, there are a number of things that you need to focus on. However, one of the most important factors in determining whether or not your party will be a success is the kind of music you play. Although there are various music genres that you can pick from, house music is one of the most popular. If you’re planning on playing any other genre, it’s best to include some house music tracks in order to make sure you have songs that will impress your guests at the party.


House music is known to make people want to dance and shake a leg. If you are eager to have a peppy party that is hustling with people enjoying themselves, then you need to get songs that they will love. House music is the most loved genre and there is little that can go wrong with this music when played at any party. The tracks are very catchy and you will enjoy listening to it just as much as your guests do. It also helps to lighten the mood and makes people want to laugh and have a good time.

House music can never go wrong when you are hosting a party or a celebration. Normally different genres of music appeal to different people. However when you play one genre for too long other people tend to get bored. With house music that is never the case. No one ever gets bored of house music. The advantage of house music is that it is soothing and it has amazing lyrics. There are no artists that scream while singing house music songs. This makes house music appealing to everyone. Once you start playing house music the mood also sobers down at the party. The wildness goes out of people and people will tend to be less violent due to the nature of house music.



With house music the tempers will also be lowered as this music has a soothing impact on people. When you play house music people will generally be in a happy mood throughout the party. It has been observed that people who exclusively listen to house music tend to get less angry and are found in a positive mood most of the time. With house music there will never be a dull moment at any party.

The Best Djing Gears Within Your Budget

The best attitude to purchase things is to understand what you are going to purchase and fix a budget for the product you intend to buy, hence this informative article. With the target of purchasing a good headphone with a budget of $200 is the first good step to purchase. Reliability, sound, flexibility, and comfort when using are some of the characteristics that you have to attend to as the cost factor has been accounted into for the best headphones for DJing. You get really big models when you look for under $200 equipment.

  • Yamaha eph-100sl model is a sleek and small model. In spite of its small size, it is a hard product that withstands rough usage. This in-ear headphone is the best in terms of size and cost as it provides good quality sound and volume.
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50 provides good sound quality especially good at sound isolation even at high volumes. The hard outer shell is protective in nature and gives durability to the product. That is why it has good customer preference who are well satisfied with the product.


  • The Sennheiser HD 558 is a sleek model that comes within your budget and is one of the most sought after model. The cushioned earpads can be worn comfortable for a long time and produce clarity in sound and volume.Sennheiser Momentum may be just a wee bit above $200 but is an absolutely classy model that has a strong metallic outer layer that can handle any stress and rough handling. The balanced tone helps to keep the bass, the high and the lows in perfect tune that does not affect the ears but gives super clarity that satisfies the listener.
  • V-Moda Crossfade LP comes with an elegant and protective outer shell. The model isolates ear noise and provides a rich bass along with clarity. It is a flexible model that can fit anywhere while travelling and fits your purse neatly as it falls just within your budget.
  • Jaybird Bluebuds X, the Phiaton PS 210 BTNC, Bose IE and the Etymotic HF5 are other in-ear headphones are small and handy in size that comes at less than $200. We have received good reviews about them and have comfortable usage. These models satisfy all the hip-hop users who want clarity, style, and cost that are the very best in town.


There are other cheaper models that are available but you would have to compromise on a few qualities on them. $200 is quite a neat budget that would purchase quality products that are trendy in nature and provide good quality products that any upcoming DJ would require. With heavy sound from speakers and huge subwoofers having a balanced tone with low frequency can be considered while purchasing a good headphone. A DJ headphone has to be worn for long hours and should fit perfectly so that they are comfortable when used. Having quality ear-pads would protect the ears while not compromising on sound, volume, and clarity. Choose the best product that suits your individual need, taste, and budget.

The Best Record Players

We all have different opinions on what we think are the ‘best’, this goes for absolutely all the products offered in the market. The ‘best’ of something by other people’s opinion won’t necessarily be the best one for you two. For that reason, we have experienced moments of confusion as we look at amazing reviews when in fact you didn’t like the product one bit. But keep in mind that when it comes to the majority of products, like the best record player, they were at the top of the list for a lot of reasons; it’s highly likely that you’ll also think the same. best-record-players

There are a lot of features that make up a great record player like the drive type which has two types; the belt drive and direct drive. Belt drives were the common type back then, but the vibrations coming from the motor create a lot more resonance, resulting in a disturbed sound quality. And then there’s the plinth or the base of the record player, it holds and support the entire structure. Of course low quality plinths can affect the structure as time goes by; if you can afford them then we suggest you go for quality wood and metal.  record-player-for-the-blind

Technics SL-1210Mk5

Just like with all the other products manufactured by Technics, the SL-1210Mk5 was build to last a lifetime. Some of its features include a pitch reset button, adjustable stop breaks, precision moulded aluminum diecast cabinet, high sensitive low-mass tone-arm and high torque that enable fast start-ups. When you purchase the SL-1210Mk5, it comes with a dust cover, user manual, slip mat and all the warranty information you’ll require. Also, the pitch control on this model is a quartz-locked, smooth, nonclick slider where you can immediately reset a pitch to zero at a simple touch of a button.

Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player

When you buy the Winston Vinyl Record Player, you’ll be able to listen to your favourite vinyl records using an authentic retro design, 3-in-1 turntable record player that actually has an authentic veneer cabinet. The fully automatic belt of the turntable can spins 7, 10 and even 12 inch records at various speeds. This particular model has a diamond tipped ceramic needle, which gives off an enhanced audio performance alongside a warm a natural tone; don’t worry because this will do absolutely no damage to any of your beloved albums.

Know More About The Typical Mexico Wedding Photographer

Weddings come once in a life time. It is therefore a special occasion that is cherished by every couple the world over. The people of Mexico are no exception to this rule. For every wedding anywhere in the world as well as in Mexico, the role of the camera cannot be overlooked. In fact, it forms the main center of attraction on such occasion. Welcome to the world of Mexico wedding photographer. The imagery world they express in pictures will hold you spell bond.

  • The images are out of this world

The set of pictures that these people of the lens will throw up at you can be likened to the ones obtained in the imagery world of a trip to the best fine art gallery in the world. The degree of competence here is second to none. You will get engrossed with every page of the images from the first to the very last.

  • The works speak for itself

Some brands go a long way to spend huge amount of money on image laundering. They employ people to give their product or service the needed hype in order to drive in the sales. With the output of the photographers here, that is not necessary because the product (the image produced) is a self advertisement.

  • The story is told in images

Yes the story of your wedding will be told graphically in images that will beat your wildest imaginations. You will be surprised at the level of details that is captured. The minutest details which you did not take note of are all expressed in graphic images which you as a person will be proud of and will feel great sharing same with friends and acquaintances. These set of photographers are simply out of this world.

Words will not be enough to describe the height to which these men of the lenses have attained in the art of image capturing.

Enjoy the wonderful arena of the game with obstacles which is based on ragdoll physics!!

With an enormous rise in technology, the era of digital video games is gaining lots of popularity. People usually spend their leisure time by playing video games, ensuring a fun-filled experience. There is a long list of video games that are available for mobile space. People who are gaming maniacs are always looking for opportunities to enhance their gaming experience by playing innovative and adventurous games. Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz about the happy wheels game. This game involves a race course which is to be covered by the player; by crossing all the difficult hurdles of the game. This unique game is based on physics which adds another dimension to the gaming industry.HappyWheels

Extra perks of the game which makes it more adventurous!

There are some unique features of the game that make it a must try for people. Some of the features are discussed as follows,happywheelsthumb

  • The player can easily customize the levels of the game, like choosing the vehicle, and pother resources in the game. The player can select the location and upgrades in the game.
  • The graphics of the game are simply amazing as the color schemes and animations in the game make it more realistic and lively.
  • The effect of blood flow and cutting of limbs witnesses a great effect of animation, along with the sound effects, that makes it more effective and adventurous. The sound effect of crushing of body is very realistic and exciting, enhancing the overall sound quality of the game. Fancy force, who is the developer of the game has already a big name in the gaming world and has continued to be so with this game as well. So, if you want to enjoy the breath-taking arena of gaming world, you must try this game of happy wheels.

Showbox App Problems And Errors And Some Basic Step How To Fix Errors Easily

Showbox is free online video streaming app which provides a categories of different videos of movies and TV shows. The app consists of huge library of recent and the old movies. Showbox app is regarded as one of the best online streaming app in the world. The number of the viewers increases day by day with good reviews. The show box app is user friendly and with an ease you can easily download and watch the movies for free. Show box is found in all types of the android handsets and also on the personal computers.

Problems associated with the showbox app.

One thing to consider is showbox app is not found in the google play store and you have to download it from the web browser and then install it directly on your phone by changing some setting. Installation of the app when it come to the personal computer is difficult when compared with the showbox for the android. For windows OS You need to download the android emulators such as bluestacks in order to run the android. When it comes to apple IOS you need to download another emulator called the Genemotion or the ARC welder. Installing such apps other than their original stores always leads to some problems.


Errors in showbox app and steps to fix it:

The app is frankly fun to watch but when you are watching your favourite movies with similes sudden the showbox app is crashed and showing errors. This will surely kill your smiles and makes as irritate. The older version of the showbox app has some bugs and error like showbox app not working and server problems,  server not found, show box app update not working, the video you are looking for not available and try in the another server, crashing of the website. Fix server problems etc. the developers are looping hard to come against this to solve the errors as fast as possible. But there some easy steps that you can solve this errors by your own. This is step by step guide to solve the errors in showbox app

Steps to solve the showbox app not working problem:


Showbox has been released for different versions but the sad thing is the app crashes when you watching the videos and become difficult to continue make us feel like a hell which some other like shows error video not available and try in another server. But if you patient enough you can solve such problems by your own in just a fraction of time.

Uninstall the older version and update with new version of showbox app:

The older version of the app has lot of error so it is recommend to download the new version of the app which is somewhat a bug and error free. So if you install the new version it helps in reducing the problems and errors. The newer version of the showbox app is 4.68 and it was released on 22nd of July 2016.

Clear cache:

Show box app works great but the main problem is if you watch the movies for long time the app causes the cache error which may leads to the crashing of the app. This crashing of the app mainly results in server not found issues and not working problems.

You can easily solve this problem by following the above steps:

  • Open your mobile and click on setting option and then general button.
  • Then click on the application manager and now scroll down until you find all option or all application
  • Then select the showbox app and click on it.
  • Then click on the clear data and the clear cache.

Basic Things You Need To Know Before Playing The Escape Room Game

The theme of the escape room is that it is a physical adventurous room where the player are locked in the room and they have to use their sharp skills to came out of the room in a given time.

The basic things you need to know:

  • The first thing you need to before playing the game what is meant by escape room and how to play it.
  • The next one is these games are challenging and really hard probably you will lose the game. But actually as the game is very hard that is the part which makes us think hard and gives fun. Participations medals are given to the participants which makes us feel better.


  • Picking up the best and skilled people in your team makes you win, simply saying the win or lose depends upon the team you have chosen. It is better to have a good mix of people in the group with different skills rather than a team consists of a sales person, programmer, talent artist and writer will be more successful than a group of colleagues with same type of thinking. The main thing here is the better team work.
  • In some escape rooms you need to crawl on the floor so it is better to dress comport and wear comfortable shoes for crawling.
  • The dates are found there in order to bring the more pressure. So the better thing to avoid concern about dates at the beginning.
  • It the team members are not your friends or unknown then you might built some friendship before the start of the game so that feel comport with each and work as a team
  • When you enter the room you need to be more active rather than looking others to solve it. As soon as you enter the room just start playing find the things, move the things, search the things or anything of your interest. Whether you are doing wrong or right just go on.


  • There secrets you found are so fun especially when you are playing a team game. Seriously win or lose will gives a memorable experience.
  • The next thing is don’t felt shy. Actually quiet people offer as much as than the louder so it better to speak whether you are doing right or wrong activity.
  • Whether you win or lose just celebrate it gives you an enthralling experience.

Escape game is one of the Team building activity Singapore gives you ultimate live experience. These group activity requires the logic, leadership skills, patience and team work. Escape rooms game involve in adventure rooms, puzzle breaks etc. are became famous in the team building activity in Singapore. Its works simply the team is locked in the room and you need to break out by finding the hidden objects and solving puzzles locate the key and set free.  But breaking out with in the given time is never easy and only about 20% make their way out and win