Battle Of The Managers Ii

Football never seizes to surprise us and there is always more to watch. We thought that the most competitive league in the world couldn’t get any better after Leicester coming out as champions last season but then we were obviously wrong. This season might be even better than last season and we aren’t even exaggerating. We have around 7-8 top managers in the league and they are all putting up a great fight against each other with a lot of banter. We are just waiting to see who comes on top and gets the bragging rights.


Jose Mourinho is the best coach of the last decade and his exploits with Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid have only consolidated his position amongst the elite. Right now he is at his dream job, something he has been aiming from a long time and it couldn’t get bigger for him. He is at the helm of the greatest club in English football and has been trusted with the task of bringing the club back to the top. This has been one f the worst runs for Manchester United in recent history but things look better for United and they are playing really attractive football after a long time. They will look back to getting back amongst the top 4 this season and going for the title next season.


Jurgen Klopp was a part of a revolution at Dortmund and that is why Liverpool fans went ecstatic when he was signed in the middle of last season. They were the most attractive to watch in the beginning of the season, but due to their numerous injuries they have been facing some trouble in the last few weeks. They are still definitely in for the title and if Klopp is given time to grow and build his squad then we might definitely see the old Liverpool in a few seasons. They are definitely in for a top 4 finish this season.


Ponchetino has done very well wherever he has managed and is probably one of the better tacticians in today’s game and he has proved that with Espanyol and Southampton. Last season Spurs just missed out on the League title and showed their lack of experience when they choked at the end of the season. Their squad depth and quality are both supreme with world class players and we expect them to be regulars in the top 4 spot now and they migt even shock us with a title victory.

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