Alfred Hitchcock’s Greatest

Many movies have made a great impact in our lives and also in the way that movies are made, and one of the greatest directors in the world of cinema, Alfred Hitchcock has definitely left his mark on us. The Master of Suspense, who passed away 36 years ago, is still remembered by every cinema fanatic in the world for his psycho thrillers and suspense that captivated us and cemented us to our seats. He has made a lot of great movies, both silent and early talkies and is also remembered as the greatest director of England. You can watch all the movies that you want online for free on 123movies and we have also made a list of movies that you will definitely love.


Vertigo has dethroned Citizen Kane as the greatest movie ever made and is now on top of the charts. Beautiful and blonde Kim Novak delivers a great performance in her double roles as Scottie prides as the ultimate fetish. This is Hitchcock’s most unorthodox movie and there are still parts that we are really confused about like when the nun tolls the bells of the church tower while Judy jumps into her doom. The director delivers a great narrative and as the story enfolds we find a deeper psychological tale of disguise and desire.


Notorious probably deserves be to on the list because Hitchcock directing a dark romantic movie is not something usual. This movie is based during World War II which is based on an intelligence officer Devlin and Alicia, who he persuades to infiltrate some Nazis in South America. The movie gets romantic as the duo fall in love and exchanges some of the longest passionate kisses on camera, but the movie then enfolds into a love triangle as Alicia’s family friend proposes to her. This movie features the actors and the director at their very best.

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