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Movies are one of our favorite things to do when we are free and it feels great to go to the movie hall once in a while and watch some new movie that just released. Nowadays many people instead of going to the movie hall prefer watching movies at the home and we don’t mean hiring a DVD and watching it but instead downloading the movie from the web for free. You can even watch free movies online without downloading them but just streaming them. You will find all kinds of movies, movies that are centuries old too and movies from all genres online. There are some movies that released this year that you should download right now and watch.

The first movie on our list is a stoner’s movie and is called Sausage Party. This Seth Rogen product takes place in a supermarket where all the products are alive and believe that when they are bought by the customers they are taken to the great beyond. We find many romances within the product and the center of the movie being the romance between the buns and the sausages. This movie depicts how people react when they meet people of different origins and depicts certain parts of the society very well. This is an animated movie which is definitely a must watch.

The second movie on our list is The BFG. You have most probably read the book during your childhood. Written by the evergreen Roald Dahl and the movie directed by Steven Speilberg, this movie ignites all your imaginations. The giant is played very well but the main catch of the movie is Sophie who is played by Ruby Barnhill. She plays the character better than we could have imagined it and by the ends of the movie you will find yourself with a box of tissues after listening to the stories of the Big Friendly Giant.

The Jungle Book definitely deserved a spot on our list especially after the bad prequel. This movie is way better than the previous movie and the movie looks very real even though it is animated after all. Everything looks very colorful and bright and story comes very nicely to any viewer. The movie shows the rapport between Mowgli and all animal friends very well and helps bridge the gap between humans and beast very well. This movie was a master class by Jon Favreau.

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