The Masimo iSP02 is a consumer pulse oximeter which has been made for fitness enthusiasts and those working/training in high altitudes. It’s a slick piece of kit that measures blood oxygenation, pulse rate and perfusion index with the same technology used in hospitals worldwide, providing accurate measurements even during the challenging conditions of motion and low perfusion.

The packaging of the iSP02 comes in what you might expect from an Apple product. Very neatly packed with a lot of attention to detail. The product itself comes with pouch to keep it in and a user manual. The iOS iPhone and iPad app it runs from is downloaded from the app store.


Once the app has been downloaded the device plugs directly in to the iPhone or iPad (iPhone 5 users will have to use a Lightening adapter as it uses the old 30 pin connector) and the user places their finger in to the sensor where the app transmits the readings.

On the iPad below you can see the upper blood blood oxygenation reading, the middle pulse rate reading and the lower perfusion index reading.

photo (1)

The sensor is meant to go on the ring finger not the index finger. Mistake on my part.

The data collected by the app is stored allowing you to view measurements, graphs, and trends over time. It also has the ability to export data history into .CSV files for use with text editing and spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel., allowing you to crunch the data alongside other variables. The device has been designed so users can wear it while moving allowing them to track their data during physical exercise, a must for the fitness enthusiast.

The Verdict

The Masimo iSP02 is a great piece of kit doing what it is meant to do very well. I’m about to embark on a new health regime using digital health products and the iSP02 will play a part in it. Priced at $249 it may be too steep for some users but for those that have dependancy on pulse oximeters it’s well worth the money.